Gone are the days when you need to physically call to your broker and bid for your appealing stock. With the evolution of digitalization, the entire trading scenario has changed. Now anyone can do online trading at just the click of a button through trading apps. Apart from bidding process, these trading apps provide relevant information about a particular stock for better analysis.

Every broker these days try to provide the best trading app in India so as to satisfy every minute need of their client. They do so by providing the best interface and many other features making the user experience best. Now, you might be thinking what those trading apps are which you use to do online trading. Because the market is flooded with numerous trading apps which claim that they are the best. Thus, a beginner often gets confused regarding what to choose and what not.

Ok let’s discuss these apps one by one and get a basic picture about them. To identify which is the best mobile trading app in India, you need to consider the following points carefully to have a basic idea about them.

How to select the best trading apps in india

Reviews of the previous costumers: This is the first aspect which gives a clear picture. Better the reviews better are the chances that the app is good and is worth considering.

Speed: Who wants an app which gets hanged while using? Thus, it can be ignored while selecting the trading app. Because trading (especially intraday) is a matter of seconds in which a stock fluctuates vigorously.

Features: You should analyze the features of the app and get an idea about it.You should see the interface as well asother leading aspects like analysis chart, margin, etc for your better benefit.

Best Stock Trading App in India.

Zerodha Kite: Zerodha is the best stock broker in india providing the best app for trading due to its multi-dimensional benefits. This app has better features than all other existing apps out there. You can simply download this app from play store and thus registering yourself to get the utmost benefits. The interface of this app is better than all others out there in the market in terms of adding or deleting stocks. Other most impeccable aspect of this app is that Zerodha Kite app is easy to understand and is easily comprehensible by a beginner. It utilizes the essence of trending technology and thus makes the user interface more friendly. Other leading of advantage of this trading app is the usage of data. Zerodha understands that the data is expensive, so it provides everything at affordable price and thus zerodha kite is one of the best stock trading app for beginners in India.

5 paisa: This is another trading app launched by one of the top stock broker in India stock market. It charges very few per order making itself the best trading app in India. There is a special feature of guest login through which you can get the know- how of this app from a broader aspect. Easy account opening feature combined with the nominal fee makes this trading app a successful one. 5 paisa trading app provides constant real time updates which help in making the better and informed decisions for buying new stocks. Another leading feature is auto investor which makes itself the best app in the Indian stock industry. The only drawback which is associated with this app is that you need high speed internet for loading flow charts of day to today. Cumulatively these features make this app the best stock trading app in India.

Upstox pro app: Upstox is leading others in terms of trading features which simplifies the user experience. More or less its advantages are similar to Zerodha and thus you can simply analyze the stocks and their movement with time. This app provides nearly access to more than 100 technical indicators thus making itself the best mobile trading app in India.The past 10 years historic data available makes the picture quite clear whether to invest in stock or not.  People do recommend and prefer Upstox is the availability of numerous watch lists which makes the investment task pretty easy and simple. The navigation process from place to another is quite cumbersome while everything else is good.

Angel Broking: This is the one of the earliest brokers who entered in providing online trading experience much earlier. Apart from providing usual trading experience, this app delivers other services like mutual funds, insurance, etc. Thus, it is the best trading app for beginners in India due to its manifold features.  The market watch available on this dynamic trading app is multi-dimensional and thus this app is an all rounder in terms of user-experience. You will get intraday chart news which makes this trading app distinguished among others. The live updates of top gainers and losers make this app much demanded. You can create personalized watch lists for yourself and thus you will get to analyze the minute detail of each and every stock.

Astha Trade Wave Trading app: Basically this trading app supports trading in F & O and equity. Moreover, they are planning to come up with their currency feature as well. This is the best online trading app in India in terms of interactive trading platform. Its user friendliness makes it the best trading app in the market. The quick order booking is marvelous and thus you will get to recognize that this app is unique. The real time information which this app provides makes the entire process simple and smooth.

Trade Smart Online App: It provides a trading app called Sine. You can trade in equity, currency, commodity, etc. There are ample features associated with this app such as quotes, buy/sell, order history, charts, etc which make this app different from others. Sine app provides live quotes which help in understanding the present condition of the market and thus necessary steps can be taken according to that. This is the best trading app in India as it works in sync with nearly 28 leading banks so that instant fund transfer facility is available. Its working on cutting edge technology makes this app recognized and distinct.

Samco Stocknote app: This app provides the stock analysis chart through which status of every stock can be easily gauged. Buying and selling of stocks has become much easier via this app. Price alerts can easily set up which enables you to sell/buy a stock when it reaches the amount you want. This trading app functions well in both android as well as iOS smart phones. There are numerous charts available which makes this trading an extremely useful for a beginner. Even a newbie can learn a lot by just glancing at the technical indicators of this trading app. The real time financial news is its remarkable feature which makes its stand ahead from other apps. Financial charts and quick order making are other features in its cap making it the best app for trading in India.

Thus, these are some of the best online trading apps in India which can help you in making the informed decisions. You can utilize these apps to invest extensively in various stocks and can make the informed decisions. These apps will more or less make you much aware about the dynamics associated with the stock market. Thus, by gaining appropriate insight you will become a king in the stock market arena.