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How to start the dominos franchise in India.

Dominos is one of the best, popular and leading brands who deliver tasty pizza in almost all over the world. The dominos franchise is one of the best businesses which really suit those individuals who want to start their own business. This business is highly in demand which is long term in nature as well as this business in investment-friendly business. Yes, when you want to become the part of some good and big franchise then you really need to be spending your hard work, times as well as a good amount of your hard earned money.

The franchise of dominos is in two categories i.e. one who has worked in dominos for more than 1 year and one who had never work with any branch of dominos. Dominos pizzas giving their service more than 70 countries and it is growing with the passage of the time. When the dominos were started then no one knows that this brand will become one of the largest brands for the pizza. The business expanded very rapidly. The customer of dominos are really happy as well as satisfied with their services like tasty pizza, 30 minutes home delivery guaranty, etc. there are more than 10,000 stores dominos pizza all over the world which is really impressive but this happens only because of good quality as well as the taste of the food of dominos. Because of popularity as well as a love of people for dominos it is really very profitable and beneficial to get dominos franchise to deliver the people best pizza on your locality.

The Domino’s pizza is also very famous in India as people really love to eat freshly baked pizza and even they demand pizza as a birthday treat, anniversary treat, promotion treat, success treat. These things will also hit the profits of your dominos franchise. So, if you have questions related to how to start the dominos franchise in India, you can read further to get answers of the questions like what is the dominos franchise cost and what is the dominos franchise cost in India?

What is the dominos franchise cost in India?

dominos franchise in india

As already stated above that there are more than 1000 store of dominos pizza in India as it spread in almost all the city of India. If you want to get a dominos franchise in India then you need at least 30 lakh to 40 lakh investment. Yes the minimum dominos franchise cost is 30 to 40 lakh. It depends upon the location as well as it also depends upon the traditional or non-traditional store. You need to pay some other charges like charges of testing and evaluation, cost of enforcement, etc which may vary from place to place. So, the total cost for dominos franchise cost in India is between 60 lakhs to 3.5 crores.

There is dominos franchise cost in india needs to pay loyalty fee for a traditional and non-traditional store is 5% and the owner of Domino’s franchise in India needs to give 6% of loyalty fee every week. If you have any queries related to dominos franchise then keep updated with our website and you can also contact us through our contact number as well as email id.

What makes dominos franchise in India so demandable?

dominos pizza demand in india

Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan were two brothers who have stared the dominos pizza in the year of 1960. the pizza shop was started in a small shop and gradually it became famous as people started liking the taste of pizza and now it becomes a huge brand all over the world. The freshly baked pizza with the different topping as well as stuffing becomes one of the favourite dishes of everyone whoever tastes the dominos pizza. It is standardized brand so, it gives an almost same taste of every variety of pizza in all over the world so, no matter you are eating the pizza in India or US you will feel the same taste in both the place.

Dominos pizza never shares the secret of the taste of the pizza which makes them strong in the front of their competitor.

Dominos pizza has own taste as well as they have made their own equipment to give the specific and special recipe to the people. Every step of making of pizza in dominos is quite different from others; they give a perfect finishing to their pizza and deliver the best pizza to their customer.  Dominos pizza gives first priority to their customer which is really best thought to start dominos pizza franchise.

How to apply dominos franchise India?

apply for dominos pizza franchise in india

If you want to get the dealership or dominos franchise in India then you need to contact with the jubilant food works limited which look at all the things related to the dominos pizza in India. Every dominos franchise application is gone through the jubilant food works limited through which you can get your dominos franchise easily. If you want to start dominos franchise in India then you can contact the jubilant food works limited at India address also but you need to impress them even in the first meeting. yes, you need to be very careful while meeting with them because they give the franchise to only those people who deserve so, you have to make impression on them that you have a business mind and you really deserve dominos franchise. So, it is really too easy to start dominos franchise in india. We have mentioned their contact details below

Contact details of Domino’s Pizza franchise

Below are some of the informative contact details about Domino’s pizza franchise.

Jubilant FoodWorks limited registered and corporate office
B 214, Phase II, Noida – 201 305
Phone: +91 – 102 – 4090500, Fax: +91 – 120 – 40905599
Official website:

How to buy dominos pizza after approving of application?

If you are sending the application of dominos franchise to the dominos pizza, then you must know the things which give you approval for the franchise. As we all know, the dominos pizza is famous for their taste and it never compromises with their taste, quality, and service, as well as, they also give lots of effort to make the customer happy and satisfied. That’s the reason dominos pizzas provide the best training to the owner of the pizza shop as well as the employee of the dominos pizza store. They give training for every step like how to make pizza, how to run dominos franchise, how to start dominos franchise in India, money procedure, etc and this training can take from a few months to one year.


Finally, you can believe that you are investing your money in a good business and for getting high profits
in your business. Dominos pizza is growing day by day and the love for pizza by the people are also
increasing with the passage of time. The Indian people have accepted the taste of pizza which really
gives you a huge amount of profit from dominos pizza franchise

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