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How to start the Patanjali Product Dealership Franchise in India? – Complete Guide

patanjali franchise in india

If you are looking for how to start your Patanjali franchise, then you have to move smartly. Patanjali is a fast moving consumer goods company of India. The headquarters of Patanjali is situated in the Industrial area of Haridwar. The company is responsible for making a wide range of herbal or organic products, medicines, and minerals. Today we will discuss how you can apply for a Patanjali product dealership and what are the benefits you will get by opening Patanjali franchise India?

Benefits associated with Patanjali Franchise

• Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd in one of the fast-growing network in India with estimated annual revenues over INR 3,000 crores. According to BABA Ramdev’s interview, they are expecting to take their annual revenue to INR 10,000 crore.
1. People trust the brand because of made in India and organic products.
2. Now hospitals are also convincing to get the Patanjali shops inside the hospitals, and you can easily approach one of the reputed hospitals of your surroundings to have your Patanjali franchise.
3. This is one of the most amazing things that Patanjali is planning to open their stores in abroad as well to reach the Indians living in abroad. So you can also apply from one of the specified countries to buy your Patanjali dealership.

Chances to get your store

With the motive to expand in PAN-India Patanjali is entertaining various locations to grow their franchise model in the country. The brand is getting a great response from the rural as well as from the urban area. But if we compare urban area with the rural area, then we will get the report that people in the rural are more interested in using Patanjali products. At the end of this year, Patanjali decided to open more than 2000 outlets in the country.
As stated by Pankaj, Department Head India, Swadeshi Vibhag, “People have given a very good response to our products. Not just as consumers but also as entrepreneurs, they prefer our stores and products. They are going for Patanjali as they are experiencing the benefits of the brand and are getting cured of various ailments and problems. We hope to open 2,000 more centers in a few months.” This is the way for you to have high chances to get Patanjali dealership in India. You will be excited to know that with Patanjali dealership in India you can easily earn around 20-25 Lacs in one year.

Requirements to apply for Patanjali Franchise

The following are the few things you need to figure out before applying for Patanjali product dealership. And if you satisfy all the requirements, then nobody can stop you from getting one outlet.

• You need to know the Patanjali franchise cost in India as the first step. Patanjali needed investment in between 3-7 Lakhs INR.
• You need to know how much people of your city are interested in buying the Patanjali products so that you can make a model of your earnings.
• A good space or area for the store as well as the warehouse is a must. You must have around 200 to 2000 sq ft to get a Patanjali franchise India.

How to start the Patanjali franchise in India?

how to apply for patanjali product dealership franchise in india

There are two ways via which you can but Patanjali franchise in India.
• Apply for Small Distributor
• Apply for Mega Store of Patanjali

Apply for Small Distributor Store of Patanjali

To apply for a small distributor, you need to follow the below-stated steps:
• If you don’t have a big land to open a Patanjali store, then you can look for the option of becoming a small distributor. For this, you need fewer resources as compared to the mega or big store.
• You need 3-7 lakhs of investment amount along with the 300 to 500 sq ft of land.
• But sometimes the size of the land can vary according to the city you are applying for.
• To get the Patanjali product dealership, you need to check out what estimated ROI you are expecting from your place of choice. Also, you need to know that Patanjali will be 10% partner of your ROI annually.

Apply for Mega Store of Patanjali

To buy Patanjali franchise India as Mega Store, you need to follow below-stated steps.
• You need an investment of 7-12 lakhs and a piece of land from 500 to 2000 sq ft.
• The megastores are always accepted by the company at crowdie places, or we can say at a reputed place.
• Also, your ROI plan should be strong enough to impress the higher officials so that they may consider you for the megastore.

• Before providing franchise for megastore, officials will come at your place for the inspection. For Patanjali product dealership as a megastore, you have to make lots of efforts with the perfect preparations.

How to figure out Patanjali Franchise product dealership price for NRI?

patanjali franchise profits in india

Patanjali wants to grow its business to make abroad as well their products available for the Non-Resident Indians. So, if you are living one of the following countries, then you can easily apply for Patanjali Franchise.
• United States of America (USA)
• Oman
• Kuwait
• Canada
• United Arab Emirates (UAE)
• Entire Middle East regions
• Australia and New Zealand
• United Kingdom (UK) – London
• Nepal
• Japan and South Korea
• China
Being an India based brand, Patanjali decided to give a dealership or franchise to the non-residents Indians only. Hence, if you are an Indian living abroad, then you can easily visit the official website of Patanjali to get the full details on Patanjali product dealership in abroad. To fill the online application form is a non-resident Indian, you have to pay INR300 as application fee, and rest of the investment plan may vary from one country to another.


Patanjali well-established swadesi brand of India and Indians are proud to use Patanjali’s organic products to make their lifestyles better. If you want to know the Patanjali product franchise cost in India for your area, then you can contact the company with all preferred documents and requirements. You need to read all the requirements and process with the full attention to avoid more errors. To read more interesting articles stay tuned with us.

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