Amul is one of the famous Indian dairy cooperative society which was mainly started in Gujarat. It was the smallest company in earlier times, but now the company is spread worldwide. It provides the best quality milk products. Nowadays, Amul is providing Amul franchise to the people.

Amul is saying that if the person has good business can become the franchise of the Amul. You can get the best quality of products and earn more money, which would help the Amul seller. There are various products which are milk, butter, bread, butter cookies, cheese, Kool cafe, ice creams, milkshakes, and many more products.

If you are starting a new business with Amul, there would be many questions about you. The primary question would be how to get Amul franchisehow to apply for Amul franchise, and many more. You should not have to worry. All your questions answers would be given in this article. So you must read it once.

How to start the Amul franchise?

1. Eligibility: The shop should be in the best location. It can be on rent or their own. The range should be between Rs. 1 lakh to 6 lakh, depending upon the requirement. If you have a franchise with Amul, you can easily earn Rs. 5 to 10 lakh per month. They should have Rs.2 to 3 lakh to invest in the business. They should have 100-300 square feet of the shop. The shop can be in the market, gardens, railway stations and many more. These should cover all the potential areas in the locality. The shops should be available in the market where the product availability is more as well as the demand. There should not be any profit-sharing issue in the business of the Amul franchise.

2. Supplies: the shop should sell all the Amul products at the shop, not the other products. Product availability should be divided into three categories dairy products, pouch products, ice creams. The shop should handle all the products of Amul so that everything is available in the nearby of the people and they don’t face any problem in finding the product. The products should be sold to customers who are produced or manufactured by the company.

3. Margins: the margins are different for different products like for pouch products are 2.5%, 10% on milk products, and 20% on ice creams. There are various more facilities or products produced by the company is scoops, baked pizza, sandwiches, hot chocolate drinks, and many more products, and have margins on these products are mainly 50%.

4. Formats: there are two formats provided by the company, which is the ice cream parlor, the other one is Amul railway parlor or Amul kiosk.

5. Amul franchise Cost: the investment of the parlor on the railway should be Rs. 2lakh. The ice cream parlor should invest around Rs. 6 lakh. The Amul franchise cost is affordable by the person who is having good business and business techniques.

How to apply for the Amul franchise?

The first criteria to fill the form are the information should be correct. The Amul seller should provide details such as name, mobile number or email id, and other required information.

Benefits of Amul franchise

  • There should not be any profit sharing.
  • There are purchase discounts.
  • The products are all of the brands.
  • There is the availability of a good business platform.

There are many benefits of the Amul franchise. If you are very eager to get a franchise, these facilities are available to all.

Why choose Amul products?

It is one of the most famous companies which provides the best quality products and even make a person healthy. There are various milk products available in the market. It covers all the problems and wants to supply its products all over the world.

The various schemes for Amul franchise:

There are various schemes for different outlets. These are divided into four categories which are as follows:

1. Amul preferred outlet

2. Railway parlor

3. COE Parlour

4. Ice cream scooping parlor

How to start a new work of Amul in India?

There are various flavours in ice creams like EPIC, ice creams, Flaavyo frozen yogurt, and many more. The manager should have these products in their dairy which are as follows

1. They should have a freezer for ice cream

2. The dairy should have cooler for keeping the products fresh

3. They should include an oven for frozen pizza

4. The dairy must have cone holder/ cone machine and tray for placing sauces

5. POS Machine for billing

6. Scooping cabinets

Benefits of opening Amul ice cream Parlour:

  • franchise should have a subsidy of the brand and even for all equipment.
  • The person holding the property there should not have any profit share with anyone.
  • All products you should buy as per the requirement.
  • You should get a discount on the purchase of the product.

How to register for the Amul franchise?

To start franchise of amul registration, First of all, the Amul seller should visit the official site of the Amul and then click on the registration form. Then start the downloading process. Then fill the form accurately with the correct details and submit the form. Amul parlour registration would be done.

The Amul franchise is profitable or not:

This franchise is very much profitable. As it is very much in demand throughout the world. The person can earn more than 5 to 10 lakh per month and can live life comfortably without any risk. The company makes pure products, which will not lead to any problem in the coming life of the Amul seller. If the person is the franchise of this company, the person can become rich by selling this product as this is the most famous product.

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Amul is one of the best companies that sell the products of milk of daily use. The goods of this company are very much in demand. Everyone wants to buy this product by doing amul dairy milk franchise apply online. The goods or products of this company are very much fresh, and the customers will not face any problem while using this product. They are very much happy while using this product.